Erik Per

Erik started pole with Pole Rocks at the end of 2015. She instantly clicked with all of us, and honestly it felt like she’d been with us for years. She’s a fun, beautiful girl who has so much to give. She really is a Gem find who randomly walked into class on the off chance to see who we were.

More about Erik

Erik Erik Erik! I remember she came by on the off chance one Tuesday evening after attending her other pole class she was going to (so she already had her stuff!). She wasn’t planning on getting on the pole at all, she just wanted to meet us, see who we were and what the classes and students were like. She came in, looking curious and I brought her over to meet some of our students that were already in the middle of their pole class. They welcomed her with open arms and it felt like she was one of us already!
That’s the great thing about the pole community, and our classes in particular. We all are there for the same reason, to learn, to meet new people and to enjoy pole. She fitted in instantly and I felt like seeing what she could do. I was excited as she had such a great vibe and I could see her potential as a student and see she really wanted to learn and valued my advice. She was stronger than she thought and I knew she would be able to do more and more in time and with great support and guidance. We booked her in for the weeks after and she felt so at home and so happy. Im so glad she turned up at our door! She has great knowledge and understanding of the body, she is very supportive and encouraging of the students and pole buddies. She has an eye to help to see what students are not necessarily doing wrong, but how they could improve by tweaking and trying. She has all the qualitys I look for in instructors and I was so happy she wanted to be apart of the team.

Since Erik started with us she has been working hard to bring her wrong side up to speed with her good side, and I am so so pleased with her progress. She works hard with her combos, loves to try new things and work to better the old and perfect moves into combos. She has started enjoying spin pole more and her shouldermounts, combos and handsprings (of all kinds) have really come a long way, which we continue to work on together.

Erik is such a great and natural teacher, she learns fast and comes away with such a buzz from teaching. She is passionate, qwerky and confident, I’m so proud of her. She is great with students, supportive and encouraging!

She does so much outside of pole, enjoys a bit of Rock Climbing, Mud Runs and Obstacle courses

Erik has her Beginners Certification with The Pole Studio and Is constently doing In house Instructor training to teach further leavels.

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