Charlotte Palmer

Charlotte started pole back when Pole Rocks first opened and now we have the pleasure of her teaching at Reigate and Coulsdon. One of our Original team members she has shown us the beauty of pole in movement and shapes. Her photos tell her love for pole.

Our Lovely Charlotte

Charlotte came across Reigate Pole Fitness with a group of friends. She was so keen to learn and perfect everything from her basic spins to all the shapes she could create with her sits. She is simply beautiful to watch on the pole, more than she knows! Charlotte Passion for pole has been like most a progressive journey and it's so lovely to see her strngth grow out of her comfort zone and her willingness to try new things to progress her pole, such as training flexibility with Cat Meadley as well as Handstands and Acroballance with William Andrews!

Charlotte loves to travel and often jets off to see the world in its beauty to capture life long memories. I'm very jelous of her!

Charlotte has a soft spot for all animals... ALL animals from spiders to cute and fluffy cats and all creatures great and maybe not so small. She is kind and helpful and shows this in her teaching. She works closely with students to track their progression and help them be the best they can be.

If you would like to book on for a Private lesson with Charlotte get in touch, click here for the Pole Rocks Facebook Page!

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