Jana Polovkova

Jana started pole looking for an addition to her dance background. When I, (Sam) met Jana I absolutly loved how she moved. Her style, her flow, it was so natural and she was, and is, such a great inspiration and asset to our Team. We welcomed her with open arms when she came on board in 2016.

More about Jana

Jana was a gymnast as a child. She then gave up gymnastics at the age of 11 and started dancing which she continued to do for over 10 years.

"Pole dancing is absolutely amazing because it’s a combination of both (strength, flexibility, flow) so I was naturally attracted to it. "

Jana is an amazing teacher. Our students truley love her! She is so friendly and approachable, and has so much experience from all, Gymnastics, Dance and Pole that she is an incredibly versatile teacher and has great insight on how to help students reach their goals.

"I love how creative Pole is and how it makes you feel. It’s for everyone. If you don’t like the dancing element of it, you can focus on strength or flexibility. If you don’t have upper body strength (students’ favourite excuse), pole dancing is something you should defiinitely do, and if you are already strong, the possibilities are endless. "

Jana works full time as a HR Project Manager in London. She has been teaching for over 3 years, and poling for over 5 years. She used to teach advanced classes in crawley but now teaches once a week for Pole Rocks in Reigate. But if she could Jana would love to teach more often, She absolutely enjoys teaching any student from Beginners to Advanced.

"Teaching pole dancing is very rewarding. When students say I can do it and you are able to spot what they’re doing wrong and they get the move, that’s very rewarding as well as seeing their progress every week."

" With pole there are loads of moves and tricks that I would love to be able to do but my main goal is too keep learning, keep practising, get stronger, be more flexible, and the list goes on....that’s why I love pole, it will always challenge you."

Jana has her First Aid, plus Intermediate and Advanced Pole Fitness Certifications with Vertical Dance.

If you would like to book on for a Private lesson with Jana get in touch, click here for Our Pole Rocks Facebook Page!

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