Kelly is one of our most advanced instructors.
Having previously won awards for Best Female Lifters Strong man competition, Kelly is proof that hard work pays off! She trains hard and cares passionately for the studios and students.

It’s all about Kelly!

Kelly Danced as a child and studied PE at A level but after leaving college she did not keep up physical activity. After gaining over 5 stone during 2nd pregnancy Kelly managed to shift 3 stone and another 2 stone after starting pole. She quickly started noticing the changes to both her physical appearance and regaining the confidence she used to have. The "strong not skinny" ethos is very important to Kelly because beauty comes in all shapes and sizes determined by your physical and inner strength.

Kelly is widely known throughout all of the studios, Runs the classes on occasions and teaches weekly at Reigate on our advanced class. Her dedication to pole, her training and her students is always inspirational. Above all she is an amazing mum with 2 beautiful and very talented children.
Kelly has really made her stamp on Pole Rocks, and the classes really would not be the same without her and we are so proud to have her on our team!
Having trained with some world class instructors her knowledge in pole is forever growing.

Kelly’s powerlifting came about as part of her rehabilitation process after an injury which caused Kelly not to be able to train pole, which was devastating. Pole had made Kelly naturally strong and the rehabilitation soon turned into a real passion. Despite not being able to train Kelly couldn’t bare the idea of not teaching as this was another HUGE passion of hers!
"The look of delight when a student makes an achievement fills me with overwhelming pride - their buzz is my inspiration to work hard and make myself a better poler and the best instructor I can be!"

"Goals include working far harder on my own flexibility - not just for my own benefit but to inspire and encourage the students also. And to just keep going - hitting brick walls is all part of the process but I will never give up! The atmosphere created by all of the instructors and students at all 4 studios makes the classes the perfect place to be - a family that welcomes you in, accepts your abilities and encourages you to be the best version of you possible."

If you would like to book on for a Private lesson with Kelly click here for her very popular facebook student group!

Kelly loves Cats, Wine, Batman, Pole and her Kids!

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