Kim Bradey

Kim is our beautiful bendy teacher at the Coulsdon Advanced class. We are very excited to have her on our team! She is my personal girl crush...

More about Kim

Sam met Kim back when she first started training and they instantly clicked! It’s was only a matter of time for her to join the Pole Rocks Crew!

Kim first got into pole because she saw it on Britains Got Talent and she thought it looked like gymnastics with the pole the other way up. She loved that it helped her keep her flexibilty after quitting gymnastics. She found from Pole she got a lot stronger and more toned and it let her feel she was still an acrobat!!

Kim started Gymnastics at a very young age, flexibilty has come naturally to her, and Pole was another way to practice her skills and train something she loves. She used to coach gymnastics and used that in her skills with teaching pole and helping our students with their flexibility goals.

"I Love teaching because I like helping other people to love pole as much as I do! (I have also experienced bad practice in pole teaching so I like to try to do it well!)" Which beleive me she does!

Kim would like to go on to complete more advanced teaching qualifications in pole. She has her Beginner Certification with The Pole Studio, even though she has years of teaching practice under her belt.

Kim is incredible on the pole, she can confidently Phoenix on both sides, Deadlift on both sides, so all handsprings with style and pretty much do all the amazing shapes that exist in pole! She almost has her True grip Phoenix and her personal Pole Golas include her Chinese grip phoenix and she may like to try a little performance in the future which for one I will have front row seats for.

As briefly mentioned, Kim is a qualified gymnastics coach. She is also a physiothearapist currently specialising in paediatrics. She also has her Pole Fitness Instructor Training with The Pole Studio

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