Lauren McCormick

Lauren started pole with Pole Rocks looking to get back into pole after a back injury. She First got into pole whilst attending drama school as an extra curricular class to compliment the aerial hoop and silks she was learning. She fell in love with pole and is so glad to have found a class with Pole Rocks.

More about Lauren

"From my first class I fell in love! It took a lot more strength than anything else I had ever tried and my body changed quicker in an hours training a week than it did being in the gym every other day and it was great fun! Pole incorporated the dance which I loved and fitness in one class."

Unfortunately Lauren had a back injury before starting with Pole Rocks which set her back. She took a long break from pole until a friend who trained at Pole Rocks brought her along to a class. Lauren was extremely nervous as she hadn’t done it for so long but after her first class back she knew she’d made the right decision to give it a go again! - Let me point out, I remember Laurens’ first lesson with us, I was so excited as she was great at everything I gave her. Her lines were amazing and she listened to every word and bettered her technique instantly. I started her back off with beginners but developed her at her own pace based on her ability and background. She loved how we combined and made moves flow and very much found her style with Pole. As a result of her Injury and from having experience with teaching pole with us, Lauren is very interested in injury rehabilitation.

Lauren is an incredible teacher, she passed her exams with both 100% on the practical and on the theory, and it shows in class how great she is at teaching students. I am very confident in her ability to teach pole, and she teaches it in a way I would teach my own students. She really connects with students and knows exactly how to help them improve their strength, execute their combos and improve their technique.

"When I teach students I push them hard to make sure they are building strength and technique correctly to nail the moves and focus on lines so that the finished move is elegant and flows. Even if they've had a break from pole, an injury, a set back or their just starting out. I love it when a student finally gets a move they've been working on and I won't stop until they get it! There is nothing better than seeing students accomplish "the impossible". "

As a performer at heart Laurens goal is to enter into a pole competition in the future, it would be a really good accomplishment for her and we fully support her all the way.

Lauren has got a PGCE in Dance, Health and Safety Dance, her PTTLS and CTTLS as well as her Beginners and Intermediate Pole Certification with The Pole Studio. She is also doing In house Elite Instructor training monthly to develop her teaching and will go onto complete her Adcanced in Pole Fitness as well as her Hoop Certifications.

If you would like to book on for a Private lesson with Lauren she is available on Mondays at Bookham, Wednesdays in Guildford or Fridays in Epsom. Get in touch, click here for Our Pole Rocks Facebook Page!

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