Maddy Essex

Maddy started pole with Pole Rocks looking to get fit, strong and tone up. She is a Pole Rocks through and through. She has worked from a complete beginner up to Elite where she is now, and we are so proud of our Maddy!

More about Maddy

Maddy is on a mission this year to improve her flexibility and increase her strength to get to the next level of pole in the land of Deadlifts and incredible things! She loves combos, Learning new moves and doing Doubles with Ben and Lauren who like to call themselves "Laddy" (in a joke way!!). These two make a great team and work together with their students to create enjoyable classes for everyone.

Maddy is such a natural teacher. I am so proud of how far she has come and how much she has come out of her shell since starting. It sounds cliché but Pole has completely changed her life and she has become this confident, beautiful woman inside and out. Our students really do love her! She is so much fun as a student and as an Instructor and brings such a fun atmosphere into the class. She works so hard and really understands how to help her students and has learned so much along the way. She has great passion and I know she has so much to give the team and the students in the future.
She is great with Beginners and Inverting students, shows so much support and is always encouraging people to try the moves and combos as well as re-visit spins and combos to perfect their technique.

Maddy has her Beginners Certification with The Pole Studio and Is constently doing In house training to teach further leavels.

Maddy Rund Epsom Pole Rocks on Fridays and also helps Laurn at Guildford on Wednesdays.

If you would like to book on for a Private lesson with Maddy she is available on Mondays at Bookham or Fridays in Epsom. Get in touch, click here for Our Pole Rocks Facebook Page!

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