Magda Cielecka

Magda is wonderful to watch on the pole, she loves to learn and really appreciates everything pole has taught her. With such beautiful lines and flexibility she is a great addition to the Pole Rocks team. Madga teaches every Thursday at Reigate and Monday in Bookham.

More about Magda

Magda has been doing various sports for most of her life, as she simply couldn’t sit still! Throwing discus and jevelin as a teenager, belly dancing during studies; snowboarding in the winter, playing volleyball in the summer; Not to mention Yoga, gym training and multiple fitness classes – yes, she has tried everything.
Magda was searching for that ONE activity ... Two years ago her dear friend encouraged her to try pole... and that was it! She fell in love with pole and that love has never faded since!
If she is not on the pole, you will most likely find her in the kitchen as Magda adorse food...Healthy food! And everything about it! She lives according to the rule "you are what you eat" and avoid everything that is processed. She is especially interested in the impact of food on our bodies. Recently, has become interested in vegan and veggie diets.

"Pole helps me to relax and forget about a busy day at work ( I work in the office Mon-Fri). No matter how fed up I am before a class, right after, I am bursting with energy! That is what I call the magic of pole! When teaching, I love observing progress of my students! They are such a great bunch of individuals. Moreover, I also love passing my knowledge and it makes me incredibly happy when I see my students' engagement and hard work in achieving their goals. "

"Pole is a great full body workout - I have sculptured my body, especially legs arms core! It has literally changed my life, set me in a different, healthier and sporty direction. I have also met many lovely people as the language of the pole is purely international. Na matter where you are from, during the class we all have got the same aim- to do THIS NEW MOVE or to practise THAT FAVOURITE ROUTINE. More importantly, I have learned how to overcome my own limits. Thanks to the pole I'm stronger, both physically and mentally."

Magda would love to teach more, further develop her skills and take part in her very first competition in 2017!
She would also like to arrange a 'pole room' privately so that Magda and her students have a nice and safe environment to train.

Magda is wonderful to watch on the pole, she loves to learn and really appreciates everything pole has taught her. I cant wait to see her start competing!

If you would like to book on for a Private lesson with Magda get in touch, click here for the Pole Rocks Facebook Page!

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