Paris Williams

Paris started pole with Pole Rocks at Coulsdon. Paris is very encouraging, supportive and above all such a lovely person. She teaches and trains at both Reigate and Coulsdon every week and loves every minute of it!

More about Paris

So usually when I write about the Instructors I sometimes ask for some additional info and then I add in my own words... But in this case I would like you to get to know Paris... So this is Paris, in her own words!!!

My Hobbies : Makeup and Fancy dress, even without an occasion. Gym and Reading books with a twist.

Likes : I LOVE fairytales and all things glittery. I am quite easily amused, but sweets always make me smile!! But above all, I absolutely love a good cup of tea. I can't get enough of Call Of Duty Zombies - not that I am any good!
Passion for Pole Fitness of course! I also have a passion for being stubborn- if you know me, then you'd understand.
Dislikes : The dark!

My Lifestyle : I work fulltime in events. I see my friends all the time and I am known to pester their parents until they get home. They sometimes find me napping in their bed.

What do you love about pole? How different it is, and how no two lessons are the same, ever!! Everyone is there to help you, and when you master a tricky move you can sometimes get a cheer!

What do you love about teaching? I quite like telling people what to do! I love figuring out things, so figuring out why someone can't quite master a move is always good, especially when they perfect the move! I love learning, so to be able to teach someone something that I know, that truly is a great feeling.

How have you benefitted from pole? I was so slim when I started and must have told Sam I have no upper body strength at least ten times before I even had my class, I now have arms! I am toned, happier and I have met a fantastic group of people- and the group is growing daily.

Typically Paris.

Don't you just love her?!!

If you would like to book on for a Private lesson with Paris get in touch, click here for the Pole Rocks Facebook Page!

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