Sam Holden

Owner of Pole Rocks, Sam teaches over 200 students every week throughout classes and private lessons.

Miss Pole Rocks

Sam has an all-round fitness background. From loving sport at a young age Sam used to compete in long and short distance running as well as team sports. Sam has also completed the London to Brighton Bike ride and Half Marathons in the past until a knee injury became too much for them. Having had to stop running and cycling, Sam took up Pole in hope to get some strength and importantly confidence back.

""After just 4 months of Pole I noticed more of a transformation and difference in my tone and bady shape then I did in 3 years of going to the gym every morning and some evenings." It was then Sam decided she wanted to learn more about Fitness, how the body works and the benefits or muscle training. She decided she wanted to teach Pole and open a class in her home town Reigate!"

Sam has had great success with Pole Rocks, and has grown a very friendly and inspiring team who love to share their passion for pole. Sam trains weekly with Professional Pole Instructors, and Weight training with Rebecca Caydas Second in UKBFF British finals and Winner in Kent Classics. She also trains monthly with Amy Willimas, and has also trained with some of the worlds best polers including Bendy Kate, Alex Shchukin, Polina Volchek, Yvonne Smink, Sarah Scott, Kristy Sellars, Sam King, Regularly with Charlotte Robertson... the list is so long!... and many many more!

""I like to keep up to date with the growing list of pole moves, not only to develop my own training, but so that I can continue to train for my students to give them the best of me. I am always creating fun and exciting lesson plans, I have even written up over 50 hours of what I call my Pole Bible for my Instructors full of tips, lesson plans and different exercises. I like to challenge students to give them more of a complete work out and so that they keep learning from their pole class. I love teaching, and when I have a class full of amazing students and Instructors it makes me so proud of them and to see far I have come too. Pole changed my life and I look forward to going to work every day!"

If you would like to book on for a Private lesson with Sam click here for the Pole Rocks Facebook Page!

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