Siobhan started pole almost 3 years ago. Siobhan really has transfromed, she looks incredible and makes Elite moves look effortless and fluid. She has followed professional nutrition guidance and is going on to complete her Advanced Instructor training this year.

More about Siobhan

Siobhan Started pole with no fitness background, wanting to tone up and get fit after having children. Siobhan loved pole instantly, it became not just a hobby, but a mission to go to as many classes as possible, and learn as much as possible!
You will often see her at Masterclasses with some of the worlds best pole athletes as well as training weekly with Pole Rocks. Siobhan is always working to become stronger, more flexible and she would love to become more fearless when learning new moves!
She has 3 lovely and active girls who she is very dedicated to, who often come to Family events such as Relay for Life charity fundraisers, and when we do Park events in Reigate.

Siobhan is emergency first aid certified and is proudly going on to complete her Advanced Instructor Training this year. She Hates Running, Being cold, and she hates feet!!

"I love the fact that anyone can learn to pole, it doesn't matter if you have no dance or fitness background, and every poler has their own unique style! Pole allows me to get some peace from my busy life, especially now I am a mum. It’s challenging and rewarding, and in every class you learn something new."
"I love watching my students improve every week, and the confidence that it brings them. Most people start off barely being able to hold themselves up through one spin. After attending for a few weeks they can do 3 or 4 moves in a row, it's amazing to watch and makes me feel incredibly proud!"

If you would like to book on for a Private lesson with Siobhan get in touch, click here for the Pole Rocks Facebook Page!

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