Tracey Alexander

Tracey fell in love with Pole over 4 years ago, from then she has transformed her body shape, gained confidence and a whole new Pole Family!

More about Tracey

Tracey first started pole about 4 & 1/2 years ago. She wasn’t into the gym, and has no fitness or dance background, but before Pole she did enjoy Kick Boxing and loves motor crossing.
Being a mum of 2 Tracey wanted to loose the lingering baby fat!! Also being a type 1 Diabetic from a young age, health has been her drawback when it comes to getting fit so Tracey wanted a fun way of getting in shape and found that Pole was perfect for her.
Tracey has been married for 10 years, has 2 lovely children, Jade & Cameron. Aged 11 & 14 (we cant believe it either!!)

Tracey’s goals are to keep training Pole, to work on her strength and flexibility so that she is able to make Elite moves look fluid and effortless. She is already great to watch and constantly works to improve her technique and continue to learn.

"I love pole because you meet great people while having fun, and we are all different shapes and sizes. It really is so much fun, my body has changed so so much, and it has given me confidence, which I never had before! I was always very shy.
I absolutely LOVE teaching. I love watching students progress and how happy they are with what they have achieved. And it is lovely to hear comments of how strong I am and how nice I make the moves looks.
The benefits are 100% body shape change, confidents and meeting some of the most amazingly fun people ever."

If you would like to book on for a Private lesson with Tracey get in touch, click here for the Pole Rocks Facebook Page!

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